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“Video Series of Adventure and Life Challenges.”

– Ken Casey, Novato, CA

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In the arctic Ken Casey with sled dogs
North Pole Expedition

Get a chill as you experience a once in a lifetime adventure to the North Pole via dog sled and snow skis with Kenneth 'Ken' Casey on point with his trusty camera ready to go to catch the action.

Bashkaus River White Water Rafting - Siberia Russia
Bashkaus River, Siberia

At the time when the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. relations where still in the 'Cold War' mode, Ken Casey and project RAFT take on Class 5 white water rapids on the Bashkaus River in Siberia with the Russians.


Explore some of the most unique places on earth, while Ken Casey is by your side.

Go where very few have dared to go … 

Join him on his philanthropic efforts with children around the world …

Experience a unique perspective …

Lifetimes and Places with Ken Casey

Ken Casey's Lifetimes and Places
Video Series

You’re in for a treat! From mountain climbing to class 5 white water rafting to attempting to survive the Arctic. 

Then there’s the acting, operatic singing, philanthropic efforts to help children. Oh, there’s also the white water rafting in Africa and Tasmania. The mountain climbing in Yosemite and other world class mountains. Hiking around Grand Canyon and other wonderful places. Not to mention the World travel to more than 70 countries. Enjoy the journey …

Ken Casey white water rafting Africa
Ken Casey hiking
Ken Casey mountain climbing
Ken Casey rafting

Join Ken Casey of Novato CA (Marin County) as he shares his unique life narrative of adventure, philanthropic efforts and life lessons with you at